(Winter 2014)

For my band FunkShui, I've been experimenting with various visual effects to enhance our performances. Most recently I made a cutout with our name out of foam core, covered the negative space with tracing paper, and backlit the letters with RGB LEDS. The lights are constantly changing in a psychedelic pattern and their amplitudes respond to the amplitude of the sound around it. A microphone onboard picks up the surrounding sound and a microcontroller alters the lights' intensities based on deviations from the local average. The microcontroller is also running a Fast Hartley Transform (FHT) that maps average frequency to the amount of white light in the color mix (ie the values for red, green, and blue move closer together as the frequency increases). Here are some pictures from a recent show we played in Boston. (These pictures are mostly unrelated to the project itself but are cool nonetheless.)