This past semester (Fall 2014), I took one of MIT's capstone design courses, 2.013. I was part of an 8-person team advised by Professor Doug Hart and funded by the Marines through Lincoln Laboratories. The goal was create a tactical 3kW power generator for use in various Marine combat situations. The project is still in progress so not many details will be given here, but the basic premise is that we derive energy from reacting an Aluminum-Galium alloy with water to produce significant heat and Hydrogen. We then use an off-the-shelf Hydrogen fuel cell to generate the majority of our useable power.

Please see the videos below for a detailed look at our solution. I led EE development for the generator and developed the final CAD models you see below. I took considerable time to ensure that each part used in these models could be bought off-the-shelf, allowing for expedited fabrication during the prototyping phase which will begin in February.